Ferrari 360 Market Watch (May 2017)

Apologies for the delay in providing this months update.  I have been working on a large project which is about to step over an important milestone (I will reveal more when I can).

Average 360 prices have pulled back a little – the index is now 166.04, down 1.57% over the last month.  This has been driven by more cars being advertised in the sub £70k bracket which has weighed the average price down.  News of a snap general election seems to have put the brake on many purchases with buyers waiting to see what happens before committing their money.  Given the election isn’t until 8th June I wouldn’t be surprised if prices also edged down this month.

I’ve been trying to source a couple of 360 on behalf of clients and have not been overly impressed with the stock presented – it seems to me that good cars are few and far between right now.  The lack of good stock can only serve to drag on the market.

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