Ferrari 360 Market Watch (April 2017)

Average Ferrari 360 asking prices have increased 3.28% over the last month bumping the price index up to 168.69.  This rise mans that prices are well on their way to the heady heights seen in the summer last year.  Buying interest in the 360 has increased and a number of transactions have been completed in the mid to low area of the market.  Cars with optimistic price tags remain unsold.

The turn in the weather has helped however things seem to be picking up across the automotive spectrum – people have money to spend and they are spending it on their cars.  You only have to look at recent number plate auction results where date related plates are being sold for similar money to what I paid for a 2×2 a couple of years ago.

I was talking to a client the other day who had covered an extraordinary amount of mileage in his 360 and, naturally, we discussed running costs and reliability.  Our conclusion was that the 360 hit a real sweet spot in the V8 Ferrari lineage.  The engine is the most highly developed of that run of engines, the car has enough creature comforts and aids to make it drive well without taking away from the “experience” and the all aluminium chassis is brilliant in many ways.  The F355 may well be prettier, and the F430 faster, but for a long term ownership proposition the 360 is right there.  If I was looking to buy and other Ferrari it would be a 360.

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