Ferrari 360 & F430 UK Production Numbers

Following on from my May Market Watch update I was contacted by a 360 owner who pointed out that the number of cars on our roads today was far less than reportedly imported to the UK during the 360 production run.  This prompted me to do a little more digging…

Before looking at the official VOSA data it is worth noting that Maranello Sales used to publish a pamphlet called “A guide to Ferrari Road Cars” which noted the numbers of each model that they had imported to the UK (they were the sole importer for quite a period of time).  The latest version of this document that I have seen is from 2004, a year before production ceased.  It notes the following numbers:


The page in question is shown below but the quality of the copy is poor.  If anyone has a better copy or indeed one from a later date please do get in touch.


The bottom line is that Maranello Sales claimed to have imported over 2,000 360s into the UK – significantly more than the 991 our government claim to have registered on roads today.  I initially thought that the VOSA data was only available back to 2010 but I was looking in the wrong place.  The data goes back to 1994, although SORN figures are only available back to 2007.  Here’s what I was able to dig out:



The VOSA numbers peak a little above 1,400 cars – much lower than the Maranello numbers at over 2,000.  Initially, I thought that VOSA was not including Spiders as the Model was noted as “360 Modena”.  However it doesn’t explain the difference as Maranello reckon they imported about 1,000 hard tops (including the CS).  Furthermore, I checked a copy of an old registration document for a Spider and the model is noted as a Modena:


I’m at a loss to explain the difference in numbers.  It is entirely possible that government statistics are wrong and some 360s are being lumped together in the “Other” category.  If you own a UK registered 360 I would be interested to know what the model designation is on your V5.

UPDATE:  It appears the DVLA has been registering some Spiders as coupes and some as convertibles.  The registration document above was for my white Spider which is clearly noted as a coupe.  The document below is for a friends Spider and it is clearly noted as a convertible.  However, it doesn’t explain the difference to the Maranello numbers as the model is still noted as 360 Modena and that’s what I have been using from the VOSA statistics.


Another factor that doesn’t inspire confidence in the official numbers is the sawtoothing between the quarterly numbers in recent years – I find it hard to believe that cars are coming back into the country to boost numbers temporarily.  I am interested to know how many have been exported and have an FOI request outstanding with the DVLA  – watch this space….

Sadly, there are only the official numbers to turn to for the F430 but I am hopeful that they are somewhat accurate.  Helpfully the numbers are split between body type and gearbox.


The decline in numbers is much less apparent than the 360 but the total amount of cars is currently down 18% from the peak in 2009.


Despite numbers falling for both the 360 and F430 I don’t think they are going to become rare anytime soon.  There are about 2,300 of them still registered in the UK today – compare that  to 5,300 of all the models over here made prior to the 360.  Coupled with the fact that the 360 heralded an era of reliability means there’ll be many on our roads for a long time to come.

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4 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 & F430 UK Production Numbers

  1. Hey Aldous. I love getting your posts. I’m stuck out in San Francisco and my beloved f430 spider is in storage. It looks like I will be here long term so am thinking of selling it and investing the money for a 458 when I come back.

    I’d appreciate your view on price to sell.

    It is an amazing high spec. I’ll send something from my PC with a photo. I had a quick look at a California at the weekend but they want $3600 a month to lease one and it would just be a colossal waste of cash. I can get a c class merc 350 for under $400 a month and that will keep the wife happy too.

    If you know anyone looking for a F430 please feel free to pass on my number or email.



    1. Hi John,

      Happy to give you my thoughts on the value of your car – let me know the details and I’ll go through my data for you.


  2. I am a future purchaser of a 360, but think that the further decline of 430 prices, will force 360 prices lower. They can never be priced the same since the 430 is such a superior vehicle. Here in eastern USA, 430’s seem to fall ( in dollars) 8-10K per year. Your thoughts?

    1. I agree that generally the F430 will always be priced above the 360 – having said that in the UK there is some cross over between top priced 360 cars and bottom of the market F430’s.

      However, over here in the UK F430 prices have been rising since the winter. There is more detail in this thread: F430 prices will continue to be buoyed by the expense of the 458 whilst it refuses to drop below £100k.

      I don’t think that 360 prices will fall, indeed I am expecting a modest rise over the next year in the UK. The 355 is gaining in price which will help support the 360 and the F430 price stability/modest rise will help drag up the 360.

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