Ferrari 360 Market Watch (May14)

VOSA have released their latest statistics for vehicles registered in the UK so I thought I’d build a table of how the numbers of 360s have been changing over the last few years (the data doesn’t go beyond 2010).  The number of 360s in the UK has been steadily declining – there are now nearly 20% fewer cars on our roads now than at the end of 2010.  Most of these will have been exported and as the global economy continues to improve I expect this trend to continue.

The other interesting thing to note is the ratio of SORN to Taxed has been increasing (for our international readers SORN is where we notify the authorities that the car isn’t used on the road for whatever reason).  The snapshot is in the depths of winter so the ratio is likely to be high anyway as owners keep their cars under wraps.

The final bit of trivia I discovered in the data was that there is one car that is recorded as being a diesel.  Next time you see your registration doc check the fuel designation!

I have the numbers for all tipos (that VOSA have) so if you want to see anything in particular please drop me a line.


Average asking prices have fallen for a second month in a row.  The price index now stands at 101.13, down 1.06% since April.  This actually surprised me a little as my subjective impression of the market is that prices are firming.  However, the data doesn’t lie and prices have dropped a touch across the board.


The number of cars for sale is broadly the same as last month (68 vs 67) and there is a similar number of cars for sale at the top of the market (19 cars prices at £55k or above).  Here is the data cut up by the usual factors.  Note the two green cars – I know of another one in this colour combination (a manual Modena) so that means at least three people specified their cars this way.  What were they thinking?!  It will be interesting to see how long these take to sell.


Here is the chart of asking prices plotted against mileages.  The outlier at the bottom of the chart is the red car for sale in Northern Ireland with the patchy history.


And here are the computed average asking prices:


The median mileage of cars for sale is broadly the same:


I’d like to end with my thoughts on the recent piece in Evo magazine entitled “Ferrari 360 – The next big thing?”  I don’t think that prices are going to turn anyone a decent profit anytime soon but I believe the market will remain firm and do agree with the sentiment of the article.  If you’re reading this and are considering a toy in the £50k price bracket then I can’t think of a better place to spend your money.  My recommendation would be for a “prime” manual Modena.  If you buy wisely then running costs should be sensible and you could even get your purchase price back at the other end.

As usual, please do get in touch if you want any specific information.

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  1. Thank you for an excellent article. I own a 360 spider in Rossi Corsa and read the Evo article, and agree that it is a fun toy at the price (less the running costs). I don’t think they are an investment yet, but it brings a smile to my face everytime I drive it. Have a great summers driving all owners! Cheers

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