Ferrari 360 Market Watch (June 2017)

Average Ferrari 360 prices have remained broadly flat over the last month.  The price index stands at 166.46, up 0.25%.  Very little is happening in the run up to the election as buyers wait to see what government will be returned to negotiate Brexit.

The uncertainty has increased the bid-offer spread for dealers as the cost and risk of holding stock increases.  This means many vehicles are offered on a sale-or-return basis which changes the market dynamics a little.  Many cars are offered for sale at frankly unrealistic prices in the hope that someone will bite.  This then raises expectations of vendors actually wanting to sell.

Another thing worth pointing out is the increased number of private sale cars at retail money (and this isn’t just in the 360 market).  I inspected a car last week that was offered at the same price as a near identical one from a franchised dealer with a two year manufacturers warranty.

Having said all that, good cars that are fairly priced can be sold and I would expect things to pick up once the election result has been digested.

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