Ferrari 360 Market Watch (August 2016)

The headline news is that average Ferrari 360 asking prices have fallen 3.02% over the last month which leaves the price index at 167.01.


Index Aug16

My personal feeling is that the 360 market has been softening for a little while now – this reported fall in prices would actually be greater if the insanely priced car at £275k wasn’t in the data population.

Another interesting point, is that there are more cars on the market this month 62 vs 56 last month.  There hasn’t been this many cars for sale in over two years.  Quite a few of these new listings are manual cars (an increase of 10 in a month).  Simple economics tells us that a greater supply has a downward pressure on prices.

Here’s the big table:

Main Table Aug16

Price vs mileage:

Scatter Plot

TV Price Aug16

The F1 vs manual scatter plot isn’t worth showing as the 275k outlier messes it up.  Here’s the delta instead:

Two Factor Table Aug16

Here’s the table showing which cars are in/out of the data population:

MoM Change Aug16

Only time will tell if this is the start of a downturn in prices but, right now, I believe buyers are in a strong position to negotiate the asking price down.  More next month….

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    1. In the uk, scud prices bottomed out ages ago and have been rising for a while. I’m sorry but I don’t know about any other markets

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