Ferrari 360 Market Watch (September 2016)

Ferrari 360 prices have fallen for a second month in a row – the average price is now 3.14% lower than this time last month which leaves my price index at 161.77.


Index Sep16

Only time will tell if this is the start of a more prolonged downward trend but my gut says that we may have seen the peak for this cycle of 360 prices, and of Ferraris in general.  Buyers are becoming more cautious and vendors who own stock are more willing to strike a deal.  SoR cars seem to be sticking around.

One thing to report is that there are a lot more cars for sale right now (in the general market).  I collect prices of most supercars and when I ran my program today it took so long that I thought it had timed out on two occasions.  I was wrong, it was just taking time to gather the data.  Looking at the 360 market, there are an increasing number of manuals for sale (as owners try to cash in IMO).

My final nugget of info is from the Maserati market – it seems that buyers who would have previously considered a Ferrari are looking at buying a Granturismo in the search for value.  I know of one prominent dealer who can’t get enough to cars to replenish their stock.

Here’s the main data table.  Interestingly, this is the first time since my records began that there isn’t a 360 for sale under £55k.  It seems that the price range is under pressure from both ends of the market.

Main Table Sep16

Price vs mileage:

Scatter Plot

TV Price Sep16

F1 vs Manual:

F1 vs Manual

Two Factor Table Sep16

Here’s the table showing which cars are in/out of the data population:

MoM Change Sep16

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  1. impressive research – I have a 360 spider and my ins company insisted I upped the value – will be removing the door card for some work so will use your guide, thanks

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