Ferrari 360 Market Watch (May 2016)

Average Ferrari 360 prices in the UK have fallen back a touch – down 0.14% over the last month.  This doesn’t really mean much though as it has been driven by lower priced cars entering the market as opposed to price reductions at the top of the market.  The price index now stands at 160.33 which is still an incredible uplift since I started this project nearly three years ago.


Index May16

The number of cars for sale over the last couple of months is actually fairly higher than it has been for a while (53 last month and 54 this month).  I believe this to be driven by people who have owned their 360 for a number of years and are now looking to realise the gains made.

Here’s the big table of data (note the “other” coloured car is the green one that seems to pop up every now and again).

Main Table May16

Here is the price vs mileage data.  On the subject of mileage, I have had a couple of what would be termed high mileage cars through my workshop recently.  Both cars have been meticulously maintained and drive exceptionally.  It just goes to show that the 360 can handle the mileage if they are looked after properly.  One of these cars is actually for sale (Rosso with 58k miles) – if anyone is in the market for an entry level 360 then it is worth a look as it drives like a car with half the mileage.

Scatter Plot

TV Price May16

Given the large differential opening up between manual and F1 cars, the above two tables don’t really tell the complete story.  I will continue to publish the following tables in order to keep an eye on the delta.  Last month the data showed a narrowing however this month the results are much closer to the actual state of the market.

F1 vs Manual

Two Factor Table May16

I have managed to resurrect the table which shows how the data population has changed.  Sadly, I’m not able to scrape the vendor name right now so have had to change it a little (as with all the charts you can click for a bigger view).

MoM Change May16

That’s it for this month – please do get in touch if you think I can assist with anything.

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