Ferrari F430 Air Conditioning Service

Neglecting to change the receiver/dryer in your car can have expensive consequences.  The dryer, as the name suggests, removes moisture from the system which would otherwise damage the pump.  In a run of the mill car this wouldn’t be the end of the world but given the expensive nature of Ferrari parts, I would rather change the receiver periodically than pump ever.

The F430 has a slightly improved design over the 360, in that the receiver is connected to the system using aluminium fittings.  This negates the risk of damaging the pipework when removing the receiver due to bi-metallic corrosion.  The flip side is that the receiver is harder to get at than the 360…

First of all the cover for the brake fluid reservoir needs to be removed.


This actually reveals the the charge points for the air conditioning system which makes it easy to renew the refrigerant.


Next the gas struts that hold the bonnet up need to come off.


Of course something or someone will need the hold the bonnet up…


Pull the rubber gasket off the pollen filter housing.


The wipers need to be removed.


As do the brackets that the struts are fixed to.


Undo the multitude of hex head fasteners holding the scuttle panel in place.


The scuttle can then be removed.  Note that it will be stuck down so a but of force is required to remove it.


This exposes the receiver.


Before the receiver can be disconnected, the refrigerant needs to be extracted from the system.  Note that in the UK it is unlawful to knowingly release refrigerant into the atmosphere.



Once the refrigerant has been removed, the bolt tightening the bracket to the receiver needs to be loosened.  Note that it is easier to leave it in place than try and put it back in later.


Remove the two M6 bolts holding the connectors on the top of the receiver in place.  This will allow the connectors to be pulled off the receiver.


The receiver can now be pulled out of the bracket and replaced.  Use a little polyalkylene glycol (PAG) oil to lubricate the seals before pushing the fittings in.


Then it is a matter of testing the system for leaks and filling with refrigerant (750g).  The oil removed from the system should also be replaced.


Finally, all the parts removed to gain access need to be refitted.  Renew the doubled sided sticky tape/foam on the underside of the scuttle.


When refitting the scuttle, fit the drain pipe on the pollen filter side and then slide the scuttle under the windscreen seal.  I use a curved plastic scraper to get the seal in the right place.  Once the scuttle is under the seal there is enough room to fit the other drain pipe.


Of course, now is a great time to refurbish the scuttle and wiper arms….


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7 thoughts on “Ferrari F430 Air Conditioning Service

  1. Is this something that in your experience affects the 360 as well?

  2. Another interesting article by Voicey.
    I had my filter/drier replaced last year, on my 360 and we found that the system was short of gas, so I now have an improved cooling function. Comparing the procedure for the 430 v 360, at first I liked the idea of being able to access the filling points via the brake reservoir, but on balance I prefer the access via the luggage compartment in the 360, for the actual filter.
    It was a struggle to release the unions on the drier as it had never been changed in 11 years, so in the future it should be easier, I’ll probably replace it every 4 years, Ferrari recommend every 2 years! that’s if I still have the car.
    It’s also possible to source the 360 filter/drier from a non-Ferrari parts company.

  3. Another great post with excellent descriptions and pictures. How I wish I was back in the UK with my Ferrari……garage, toolbox and some cold ones……

  4. Part number – if I have looked it up correctly is 67085100? In the USA it seems to be around $90 for a new one.

  5. Hi Aldous,
    Is it possible to access the HVAC in a 360 Modena from the front compartment? I need to replace the blower fan on the HVAC and I was thinking of doing it myself if the access is as easy as it seems from your excellent instructions relating to the F430.

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