Ferrari 360 Market Watch (October 2015)

This will be a very brief update as I have lots going on right now.  Ferrari 360 values remain firm at these dizzy heights – average prices increased 0.66% over the last month which leaves the price index at 134.69.


Index Oct15

Turnover in the market has been steady with cars being sold at all levels.  It is interesting to note that a third of the sold cars were priced above £70k.  From my personal involvement in deals, it is not unusual for a good car to exchange hands at these levels.

Ferrari 360 sold in the month prior to 01-Oct-15

Here’s the breakdown of those sold cars:

MoM Change Summary Oct15

Big table:

Main Table Oct15

Here’s the price/mileage plot:

Scatter Plot

And the average asking prices for different mileages:

TV Price Oct15

Manual cars are definitely more desirable than those with F1 gearboxes – here’s a breif bit of analysis showing the delta between the two types:

F1 vs Manual

Two Factor Table Oct15

Finally here’s the big table showing the change in population:

MoM Change Oct15

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4 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Market Watch (October 2015)

  1. Does this include US sales and auctions? A blue 360 spider went for $120,000 USD in Dallas at Mecum car auctions two weeks ago.

  2. Hi Voicey – thanks for continuing the market watch and hope all is going well with the 430. Just a point on the F1 v manual data, looks like the column data headers are the wrong way around i.e F1 prices are greater than manual.

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