Ferrari Key Blanks

As these cars get older and change hands more frequently it is very common for keys to go missing.  Fortunately inexpensive key blanks are available as the key pattern is shared with a number of Fiat vehicles. I have successively used the Giobert GT6RP key blank in a number of modern Ferrari models.  As far as I … More Ferrari Key Blanks

Ferrari 360 Battery Change

Changing the battery on a 360 is fairly straightforward.  The Ferrari factory battery is a FIAMM VR760 – in the UK this is called an “096”.  My preference is to fit Bosch S5 batteries – the correct battery is an S5 008 (Bosch ref 577 400 078): The first thing to do is to

Ferrari 360 by the numbers

I had to explain the difference between the chassis and assembly numbers the other day so thought it would be useful to note the different type of numbers and identification plates found on the 360. The numbered sections below correspond to the numbers in this diagram: 1. Chassis Number. This is stamped into

Ferrari 360 Wheels

Here’s some info and data regarding the different type of wheels fitted to the 360 tipo. First of all I’d like to mention that the weight of the wheel should be a major consideration when choosing a a set of rims. Reducing rotating unsprung mass will help improve the handling and performance of the car. … More Ferrari 360 Wheels

Ferrari 360 Barchetta

Here are some photos I took today of the one-off 360 Barchetta which, I presume, is based on a spider.  It’s a lovely looking car and has some subtle differences from the standard model.