Jump starting a flat battery

Whilst we’re on the subject of batteries it is worth noting that the 360/F430 have very sensitive electronics.  If not left on a maintainer, the battery can quickly run down if the car isn’t used (usually the tracker is the culprit).  If the car is jump started by connecting a power pack or another car directly to the battery then electrical spikes can blow the ECU’s and can knock out the instrument lighting panel – both are a expensive fix.

The best way is to solve a flat battery is to disconnect it from the car to charge it up or simply replace the battery.  The next best option is to connect a jump cables from another car without starting the engine in order to charge up the depleted battery.  However, if neither of these options are viable then the safest way to jump start a 360/F430 is to remove the panel from behind the passenger seat (RHD cars).  The jump cables can be connected to the earthing point and the positive terminal (behind the plastic protector).  Wait 10 seconds with the ignition on before actually starting the car in case the battery is completely dead and the throttle bodies need to relearn).  The following picture shows the points to connect jump cables in a 360:

And this pictures is of a F430 (+ve is under the box with a red cross, earth point circled in yellow):

F430 Jump Points

There are two reasons why it is safer to connect to these terminals.  Firstly the wiring is such that you are connecting to the cable that is attached to the starter motor and thus avoiding wiring elsewhere in the car (see diagram below).  Secondly, the just above the battery there is a bracket for the passenger footrest.  This bracket is metal and it is very easy to touch the jump leads on the positive terminal and the bracket, causing a short.

Ferrari 360 Battery

There is a real danger of a current spike when the booster battery is disconnected from the car after starting the engine.  The alternator will see the strong 12v from the booster battery and will be charging appropriately.  When the booster battery is removed there will be a instantaneous change in demand as all that is left on the system is the depleted battery fitted in the car.  It takes a short period of time (ms) for the rectifier to adjust the current output but there can be enough delay to cause a surge, knocking out expensive systems.  In order to mitigate this, turn on some high load ancillaries such as the headlights, heater and rear window demister.  Once these are on remove the jump cables and then turn off all the systems.

Once the car has been started it is wise to let it idle for a prolonged period of time with the minimum electrical load possible (ie: turn everything off).  The alternator will be busy charging the battery and needs the minimum of additional load.  The 360/F430 are very demanding electrically and the alternator wont like charging the battery and running the car at the same time.

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