Ferrari Key Blanks

As these cars get older and change hands more frequently it is very common for keys to go missing.  Fortunately inexpensive key blanks are available as the key pattern is shared with a number of Fiat vehicles.

I have successively used the Giobert GT6RP key blank in a number of modern Ferrari models.  As far as I know this key fits the following tipos:

  • 348
  • F355
  • 360
  • Challenge Stradale
  • 456
  • 550
  • 575
  • Testarossa
  • 512TR

Key blanks can be bought from as little as £1.50 and can be cut by any locksmith from your existing key.  I can recommend buying from

Here are some pictures of an uncut key:

Ferrari Key Blank

Ferrari Key Blank

5 thoughts on “Ferrari Key Blanks

  1. I purchased key blanks from a supplier that sells Silca key blanks. Silca is an Italian manufacturer and I would not be surprised if they sourced the original Ferrari keys … although that is only conjecture on my part. The plastic head on the ones I purchased are more square and key blank fits most Fiats, Alphas, etc. The ILCO spec is to get the X152 / FT46 key blank. The Silca spec is GT6R. I purchased mine on eBay for a couple of $US and they work fine.

  2. I want to make a modest amendment to my prior comment. The Silca key blank with the plastic heard is GT6RAP. The GT6R is a plain metal head. The AP suffix has the plastic coating on the head. In the US, here is an URL for a supplier …

  3. I ordered the GT6R from key trader, however I suspect it’s not going to do the job.
    The key is actually slightly shorter in length than the original 360 key, I tried sliding the blank key into the door lock and the head of the key physically touches the metalwork surrounding the door lock, I think it may be 10 mm too short on the top end of the key.
    Looking at the pictures of the GT6RP with the plastic head it looks like there’s just a little bit extra length in the Blade itself.

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