Ferrari 360 Sport Driving Mode

The 360 has a button near the steering wheel labelled “Sport”. This activates the Sport Driving Mode which makes a few subtle changes to the car and transforms the way it drives. I personally only drive my car in normal mode if I am on the motorway and require a degree of comfort. At all other times I prefer the dynamics that sport mode provides.

Ferrari 360 Sport Mode

Ferrari 360 Sport Mode

For F1 equipped cars, engaging sport mode means that gear changes will be quickened. At engine speeds above 7,000 rpm and under WOT the upshift is almost instantaneous (just 150 milliseconds). Downshifts are also faster, the throttle is automatically blipped and the lower gear immediately engaged in order to provide additional braking at the rear wheels (if slowing).

The ASR (or Traction Control) system prevents the rear wheels from slipping by controlling the engine management and rear brake calipers. Sport mode gives priority to traction and allows the rear wheels to slip to a certain a degree. Normal mode gives priority to stability under low and medium grip conditions on the road and will activate as soon as the wheels begin to slip.

The active suspension system adjusts the dampers depending on the following parameters:

  • Sport or Normal driving mode
  • Speed
  • Vertical acceleration
  • Lateral acceleration
  • Level of braking

Normal mode gives priority to comfort and stability under low and medium grip conditions on the road. Sport mode gives priority to traction – it is noticeably firmer.

Finally, if the car is fitted with the factory optional “Racing Exhaust System” (code EXA1 at a cost of over £3k) then the ECU’s have slightly different programming and sport mode opens the exhaust bypass valves at lower engine speeds.

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One thought on “Ferrari 360 Sport Driving Mode

  1. Hi, I came across your posts / blog while searching the web for info about Ferrari 360 Spider.

    Just a quick note to say a big Thank You to you for all the great info you are sharing with us about your 360.

    I currently drive a 2009 BMW M6 Cabrio and will be buying a Ferrari 360 Spider hopefully soon, hopefully within 2 years time so I am starting to read up about the 360 and learn as much as I can to prepare for my future ownership of my next dream driving machine.

    Sorry to hear your 360 spider got totalled….but I understand you now a F430 so Congrats!

    I will continue to read all your posts and learn as much as I can.

    Thanks again.

    Dan Loyola

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