Ferrari 360 Market Watch (March 2017)

As per last month, 360 prices are broadly flat.  The average asking price increased a mere 0.47% since this time last month leaving the price index at 163.33.

The 360 market is behaving differently depending on the positioning of the sale.  At the bottom end, the market is bid up even for less than desirable examples – a car that I wouldn’t have paid more than £25k for was sold for more than double that.  At the top end, unrealistic/optimistic vendors mean that cars simply aren’t being enquired about.  The area between, where cars are priced according to the market and their condition are seeing some action.  However buyers are few and far between so deep discounts are achievable.

As I type this, the sun is shining and it definitely feels like spring is in the air.  I fully expect that once people start taking their supercars back out onto the roads more buyers will emerge from the gloom.









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