Ferrari 360 Market Watch (March 2016)

Please accept my apologies for the lateness of this but I have a lot on right now.  To make things worse, the data source has changed which means I can’t provide anything other than a headline update without further development work to my programs –  something I cannot do immediately.

Average 360 asking prices have risen by almost the exact amount that they dropped last month – the headline index is now 158.93 (up 0.76% MoM).  Interest in the 360 remains fairly robust but I get the feeling buyers may be holding back a little to see what happens to prices in the coming months.  2016 could be shaping up to be quite an important year…


Index Mar16

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4 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Market Watch (March 2016)

  1. Thanks for your latest email Aldous, any info on the F430 in the pipeline as I jumped out of my 360 and into a 430 just before Christmas and I am loving it, kind regards, Chris

  2. Excellent and very informative blog site. Just going through the motions on a cam belt change and researching the exhaust cam variatior problems.

    Best regards

    Colin Gibson

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