Ferrari 360 Market Watch (December 2015)

Please accept my apologies for the delay in releasing this months update, I have a few projects on the go right now which have taken priority.  The average asking price for a 360 has dropped a small amount, 0.24% to be exact, which leaves the price index at 154.32.  Rather than concentrate on the move in prices I think it is important to note that the gains reported last month have held.  Activity in the market is slowing down as we run into the festive period but I expect things to pick up again in the new year.

Another headline worth mentioning is that 360 prices have increased by very nearly 30% during 2015.


Index Dec15

As you might expect, activity in the market has been concentrated on cars priced below £70k.  It has been interesting to review the adverts this month – one thing I noted was that there were a few adverts that are presenting the cars as investments.  I thought it would be interesting to keep a note of how many adverts of this type there were – this month I see that 8% mentioned investment…

Ferrari 360 sold in the month prior to 01-Dec-15

Here’s the breakdown of the change in population:

MoM Change Summary Dec15

Here’s the big table:

Main Table Dec15

Here’s the price/mileage data:

Scatter Plot

TV Price Dec15

Manual cars seem to be holding a good £10k premium over their F1 brethrens.

F1 vs Manual

Two Factor Table Dec15

Here’s the massive table showing which cars are in and out of the data set:

MoM Change Dec15

That’s it for this month – I’d like to sign off this year by wishing all my readers a very happy Christmas and would like to thank you for patronage during 2015.

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  1. Merry Christmas Aldous, thanks for your help this year with “FIF”.

  2. Aldous you are a legend. We love this website !
    Do you have similar stats for a Speciale purchase ? / 328 s / or any other ferraris planned in the future ?

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