Ferrari 360 Market Watch (September 2015)

Anyone hoping that last months drop in average price was going to last will be disappointed – the average asking price of the Ferrari 360 has increased by an astonishing 6.5% from last month.  The price index now stands at 133.81.

It will be interesting to see what the repercussions of the rout in global equities will have on the exotic car market over the rest of the year.  Will investors flock to less traditional investments (and drive prices higher) or will appetite for risk wane (and drive prices lower)?  


Index Sep15

The rise in average asking prices has been driven by activity at the top of the market.  The four cars that were priced above £80k last month (including the JCT600 car @ £125k) are gone and replaced with two cars priced above £90k and a further two at £130k and £140k.  These last two cars are up for sale with Hexagon who have traditionally specialised in rare, high margin classic and modern cars.  If they can sell their two 360 Spiders at these levels then I think it’d be time to consider calling the 360 a classic (something I never thought I’d be saying).

Here’s the pie chart showing where the movement in the market is occurring.  You can see that activity is spread at all levels and 30% of the cars sold last month were priced at £70k or more.

Ferrari 360 sold in the month prior to 01-Sep-15

Here’s the breakdown of the cars that have dropped out of the data (presumably sold):

MoM Change Summary Sep15

Here’s the main data table – note there is still a healthy number of LHD cars offered on the market.

Main Table Sep15

The plot of asking price vs mileage.  Any debate as to remove the higher priced car(s) from the plot has now been ended as they form a key part of the spread of prices.

Scatter Plot

Here is the theoretical average asking price for different mileage price points:

TV Price Sep15

Finally, here’s the big table showing which cars are in and out of the data this month:

MoM Change Sep15

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2 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Market Watch (September 2015)

  1. Thank you Aldous for your excellent monthly briefing, as usual.
    I am feeling very good about my 2004, 12K miles pristine 360 Spider!
    Regarding the global equities rout – there is a possibility that investors see this as a buying opportunity on world stock markets which might divert money away from classic cars and back into the weak equity markets thus driving car prices down.
    I feel that the classics market has become very ‘toppy’ but what many years of amateur investing have taught me is that (1) you can’t predict the madness of crowds and (2) I usually get any prediction wrong!!
    Keep up your splendid work. It really is appreciated.
    Best wishes.

  2. Great blog and stats. I track / scrape Lambo Gallardo prices, in a similar manner to your 360 / 430 data. Currently, the average asking price for a Gallardo in the UK is £102k, increasing +2% MoM, in August 2015. The surging Ferrari (and Porsche) prices are also pushing up Lambos.

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