Ferrari 360 Market Watch (July 2015)

It should be no surprise to anyone who follows the 360 market that prices continue to rise alongside the rest of the Ferrari models.  Average asking prices have increased another 1.25% over the last month which leaves the price index at 129.51.


Index Jul15

For all intents and purposes, asking prices now start at £50k and that doesn’t really get you anything nice (I know of quite a few bad cars at this price point).  My tipping point of £55k is going to have to be re-evaluated very soon:

55K Threshold Jul15

At the other end of the market we have the £140k spider at JCT.  I have been informed that the car has been sold but, since it remains advertised, it stays in the data.  Good luck to whoever bought it – you’ve got more balls (and money) than me!  Not to be outdone by their northern counterpart, HR Owen in London have acquired a low mileage spider that is being retailed at a bargain £88k.  This really doesn’t make sense to me as you could easily buy a F430 in the same spec for the same money.

Given the low number of cars for sale last month it isn’t much of a surprise to see just ten cars sold this month with 16 cars taking their place.  Given the warm weather (it is currently 36 Celsius here) I would have expected more spiders to have been sold but the split is even.

MoM Change Summary Jul15

Here is the main table:

Main Table Jul15

And the mileage vs price data:

Scatter Plot

TV Price Jul15

Here’s the big table showing which cars are in and out of the data this month:

MoM Change Jul15

I’ll end with a link to another site.  I was contacted by a Canadian based owner who has started to publish a similar set of numbers:

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2 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Market Watch (July 2015)

  1. Hi Aldous
    Thanks for another comprehensive report, I have heard that the Spiders are not very popular in the far east as the sun is too strong to have the roof down, certainly recent temperatures are not good for the folically challenged like me! maybe explains why most of the re-exported 360’s are Manual (for the lower emissions) and Coupe’s for the sun protection.

  2. Thanks Aldous, again no surprise, 360/430 are still undervalued in my humble, kind regards Mike

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