Ferrari 360 Market Watch (April 2015)

The UK Ferrari 360 market remains very buoyant.  From looking at the data, talking to dealers and being involved with transactions it is very apparent to me that the 360 market is hot.  Cars are being sold in all areas of the price spectrum and prices are being achieved that I really wouldn’t have been able to predict last year.  Finding good stock appears to be the issue for most dealers – I arrived at an independent outfit a couple of weeks ago in a 360 on the hunt for some parts for a classic Ferrari and before the pleasantries were over I was offered a cash bid on the car and a lift home.  There seems to be a very real supply and demand imbalance which is helping lift prices.

As one would expect in a heated market, average asking prices have risen 2.06% since last month which leaves the index at 121.20 and well above the heady heights of January.


Index Apr15

The number of cars for sale has dropped to 32 (remember there are about 1,000 cars in the UK so this is a very small part of the total population).  I see 12 cars dropping out of the data and 7 new entrants.

MoM Change Summary Apr15

The cars that have sold have been split between those priced at the bottom of the market and those right at the top.  Demand is healthy for cars priced over £60k.

55K Threshold Apr15

Here’s the main data table:

Main Table Apr15

Here’s the plot of asking price vs mileage.  Note that the outlier (60k miles, £50k price) that was in last month’s data has dropped out.  I wonder if it actually sold near that price…

Scatter Plot

Here is the table of average asking prices for different mileage points.  The price differential between the lower mileage points has now increased to more realistic levels.

TV Price Apr15

Based on my information and dealings, the demand for manual coupes is very strong.  If you own a low mileage example in a desirable colour combination you will get top money for your car.  However, the data suggests a more modest premium than last month:

F1 vs Manual

Two Factor Table Apr15

Here’s the big chart showing which cars are in/out of the data:

MoM Change Apr15

I’d like to end with a short response to the accusation that I am guilty of talking the market up (as posted on a well known UK Ferrari forum).  Firstly, the index I have created is a backwards looking indicator.  It relies on data collected in the past and offers zero insight on what may happen in the future.  Secondly, I am supplementing the hard data with information gleaned from talking to dealers and from being involved with real transactions happening in the market.  Had I been doing this in 2010 and 2011, I would be reporting doom and gloom of dealers begin unable to shift cars and resorting to selling at a loss.  Finally, I have no dog in this fight – I own a F430 and have been reporting static prices in that market for the last 18 months!

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10 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Market Watch (April 2015)

  1. Fantastic read as ever and great empirical evidence. You mention Maranello as the source of all information on ferraris, is this the Egham based outfit? I have a 2002 360 manual coupe but cannot find out if it has a tracker fitted as standard and how to subscribe to the service. Any advice here?

    1. Hi David,

      If you need to find out what options your car came with as standard, ask any dealer to print off the spec sheet from the MODIS system.


  2. Great! Thanks Aldous for all your advice. Really useful! Regards, Colin.

    1. Thanks Aldous for yet another very interesting post.
      I totally agree that the 360 (particularly the coupe) has finally come of age, after looking slightly dated/being a little in the wilderness for the past five years or so. Having good memories of a 360 I owned about eight years ago I think that a manual coupe (as you said Aldous) is still value even around the £55-60k mark in todays market.
      I can see an original unmolested car with good history only going one way now in terms of price and desirability.

  3. Going to be putting my own 360 Spider up for sale, 27k miles, Grigio Alloy, manual with Nouvalari exhaust and custom engine light install. Out of interest who was the independent garage that offered you the money and was it a price reflective of the charts in this article? Thanks again, really enjoy this page. Good work Sir!

  4. Excellent blog. Some of the best data and analysis for UK Ferraris available in the public domain. Some of the demand for 360-like supercars also seems to be bleeding over to the Gallardo market now in 2015, so it is a bit of a headscratcher why the F430 market is not yet also roaring ahead.

  5. I’ve been reading those blogs on that Forum and was bemused by those who think that your Historic reporting is affecting values, what is their gripe? Do they think that they’ve bought the wrong car? I bought my 360 because I loved it, Please don’t shoot the messenger.
    As always your blogs are a mine of information. .

  6. Again, nice info for us all Aldous. I wouldn’t accuse you of talking the market up, especially considering all previous models have gone through the roof!
    Keep up the good work, Mark.

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