Ferrari 360 Market Watch (February 2015)

Well it had to happen at some point – after the meteoric rise over the last year, average 360 asking prices have fallen back a touch.  The price index has dropped 2.45% from last month to 117.55.


Index Feb15

The fall in average prices has been driven by a number of sub £50k cars being offered to the market, including two LHD examples.  However, this only the headline – activity remains robust and I know of a number of transactions going through in the last month over the £55k mark.

55K Threshold Feb15

Here’s the main data table:

Main Table Feb15

Here’s the plot of asking prices vs mileage.  There are a number of higher mileage cars with very optimistic prices which is distorting the relationship between these two factors.

Scatter Plot

Here are the theoretical asking prices for the different mileage points:

TV Price Feb15

Here’s the population change over the month (click to view bigger and zoom in):

MoM Change Feb15

And finally here’s the main table converted into USD at a rate of 1.5064:

USD Table Feb15

It will be interesting to see what happens with the sub £50k cars that have entered the market this month.  I would expect them to be sold quickly (if they are any good) which may drag average asking prices back up again.  Interest in the 360 is very strong at the moment, driven by the fact that it is pretty much the entry level V8 Ferrari these days (if you ignore the 348 and the unloved Mondial and GT4).

As usual, please feel free to drop me a line if you want any data in particular.

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6 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Market Watch (February 2015)

  1. Hi Aldous

    Academic nit-picking (but that is what I am paid to do):

    “Average” . . . mean, median or mode? I’m sure you understand.

    Such distinction simply underscores your excellent posts. I suspect that many readers have the nouse to appreciate the precision that selection of one of the three terms demonstrates.

    Best wishes

    1. No problem – I should have been specific! It’s the mean unless otherwise stated (I was tracking the median mileage for a short while).

  2. Aldous, What are most important variables? I could guess, year, mileage, MT v. F1, Spider v. coupe, color?

    1. In the UK at least, the biggest driver of price is mileage. Then colour. Although later years are more desirable, there weren’t many improvements during the model run to affect the price that much.

      The other factors are all down to personal preference and there’s enough stock to allow someone to get the car they really want. Obviously cars with more popular options sell quickly and can command slightly higher prices.

      1. There was a thread on FerrariChat in which people were posting that in the US cars with Man. trans. were much more desirable and bringing better prices than 360s with F1 transmissions.

      2. I can believe that it is the case over there. In the UK there isn’t too much of a pricing difference between manual and F1 but I expect in the coming years the difference will become greater.

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