Ferrari 360 Market Watch (December 2014)

Forget the slight dip in prices I announced last month, average Ferrari 360 asking prices have jumped an astonishing 7.74% in the intervening period.  The price index is now 119.22, up 22% during 2014.


The average asking price is just off £60k.  When I started this series I never thought I would be typing such a thing!


The market has shrunk considerably since last month.  There are only 28 cars in the data set now, down from 41 the prior month.  It seems that all the cheaper cars have been sold leaving the higher priced examples which has pushed the average price up.  I recall this happening last winter when all the quality sub £40k cars were snapped up and set the tone for the subsequent jump in values.


Here’s the data cut up in the usual way:


Here’s the plot of mileages vs asking prices:


The theoretical asking prices for different mileages:


Finally, here’s the table showing which cars have been sold and which are new (as with all the charts, you can click on it and zoom in for a bigger view).


That’s it for now.  Once Christmas is over we can see of these price rises are sustainable.  I personally can’t see another jump like last year unless F430 prices start to rise.  Please do get in touch if you want anything in particular.

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3 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Market Watch (December 2014)

  1. The example at £89,450 you keep quoting was reduced some time ago to £84,450? A £5K drop. I don`t know how this affects the general pricewatch? Thanks anyway as very enlightening.

    1. Hi Mick,

      It is still listed at £89,490 on the vendors website (which was where I was sourcing the data). However, as you point out, the car is listed on Autotrader for £84,450. Going forward I will reduce the price of this car in my data.

      Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency!


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