Ferrari 360 & F430 Spider Roof Cable Replacement

A friend of mine needed one of the cables in his roof replaced recently so I thought it would be useful to share the photos.  This particular cable was the one that holds the fabric tight down the spine of the fins – the pictures below show the problem.  This is a common problem across both the 360 and F430.



His cable had stretched and was no longer holding the roof taught.  I took a little effort to find someone with the experience of replacing the cable but the work was given to K Baggs Trimming with good success.

The job involves separating the roof fabric from the frame of the ‘rabbit ear’ (it’s glued on), threading the new cable through a tiny channel along the edge of said ear, and attaching the fabric back.   The replacement cable comes from Ferrari with one of the two eyelets NOT crimped on – this is because the channel through which it must be threaded is too thin for the eyelet.  Once it’s through, the eyelet is crimped on at the other end.  The job can be done very quickly by someone who knows what they are doing – the company linked above only charged £135 + VAT and performed the work whilst the owner waited.  The cost of the cable was around £80 (part number 66375800).

Here are some pictures of the work in progress (click to enlarge the photos):

And here’s the finished result:


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2 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 & F430 Spider Roof Cable Replacement

  1. Paid over $700 dollars to have this done by a Ferrari dealer who I think sent it out.

    1. When this happened on my 360 the dealer charged me $500 USD ($250 for the cable and $250 for labor). When it happened on my 430 I did it myself. I did NIT have to remove the fabric from the frame, though.

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