Ferrari 360 Market Watch (September 2014)

It’s that time of the month again and, as last month, I have news of a price increase.  Average Ferrari 360 asking prices have risen another 1.85% MoM with the price index now at 106.80.  This represents a YoY change of over 7% – not a bad place to keep your money.


The number of cars for sale has dropped again and is just 43 this month.  Interestingly, the number of cars for sale over £55k has also fallen a touch.  However, average asking prices are being bolstered by a very optimistically priced 2005 spider at an eye watering £89,450.  Granted it only has 4,200 miles on the clock but I have to ask who in their right mind would buy it?  These are never going to be rare collector cars and for that money you could be in a top spec F430 (a much better car).


Here’s the data cut up in the usual way.  Red spiders seem to be leading the charge upwards…


Here the plot of asking price vs mileage.  Note the price madness has spread to several example with “high” miles on the odometer – it will be interesting to see how long these hang around at these levels.


Here are the theoretical asking prices for given mileages:


Finally, something new.  I have tried to put together a table to gauge the activity in the market.  This lists out the cars, by selling dealer from one month to the next to see if they are sold, unsold or new to the market.  I make it 18 cars having dropped out of the market, 28 unsold and 15 newly listed.

In order to see the table better you can click for a larger version which, depending on your browser, you should be able to zoom in on.


So that’s it for this month – please do get in touch if you require something specific.

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