Ferrari 360 Market Watch (Jun14)

Before I get into the asking price analysis I thought I’d publish the results of a different set of price data.  I was recently passed CAP data for the 360 covering the last year.  It took a bit of work to convert the reports into something usable but here’s what I discovered…

CAP price the F1 at a £1k premium to the manual transmission.  Spiders are priced at a fairly uniform £4-5k discount to Modenas for “normal” mileages.  This seems madness to me especially as were are approaching the summer.

CAP Retail Prices have been steady for Spiders over the last year whereas Modenas have enjoyed a 16% rise.

CAP Retail Prices

CAP Pricing for high mileages is wildly off – they state an early car with 150k on the clock is only worth £16.5k retail and a staggeringly cheap £7.8k trade bid.  This is way below salvage prices – I can only dream of buying a 360 for the price of a holiday!

Taking a 30,000 mile car as a mid point, here are the discounts/premiums for different mileages.


Finally, the spread of prices between model years is far too high.  CAP suggest a £15k premium for a 2004 car over a 2000, all other things being equal.  In conclusion, I believe the CAP price guides to be way off the mark for this specialist market.

Back to asking prices – they haven’t moved, the index is down 0.08% MoM and stands at 101.05.


The number of cars for sale continues to increase and the amount of cars with an asking price of £55k or greater remains steady.  Interestingly, the Frosts car @ £70k is no longer advertised for sale but has been replaced by one with a similar price at Slades Garage.


Here’s the main data table:


Here is the plot of asking prices vs mileages.  The outlier that used to be at the bottom of the chart has had it’s priced increased by £10k and now sits within the main population – I doubt the history of the car has got any  better though!


Here are the computed asking prices:


And the median mileages:


Although average 360 asking prices haven’t moved much the Ferrari market is hotting up so it will be interesting to see if these cars will also start to appreciate.  I doubt anyone is going to get rich by owning a 360 but if you buy well now then you are likely to be able to get out flat in a couple of years time.

As usual, please do get in touch if you want any specific information.

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