AV Engineering Market Watch (May 2018)

Welcome to the new and revised market watch.  As well as presenting 360 price data we will also incorporate 430 prices (carrying on from my old thread on Pistonheads).  In addition we will also pass comment on the other markets we operate in.

Average Ferrari 360 prices have barely moved and are holding at the same levels seen at the start of the year.  Confidence in the market is low which is reflected in low level of trade bids.  However there are reasons to be cheerful, not least because activity is picking up with the better weather.  We have sold our entire stock of 360s and have also concluded a number of purchases in the last month.  Additionally, although prices are static they should be compared to other models at this level which are definitely losing money as each week passes.

Average F430 prices are showing a slight downward trend since the start of the year.  This has been reflected in our dealings in the market where the number of buyers definitely appears to be muted.  As per the above comment, the fact that values appear to be slowly receding should be seen as a positive when compared to the other areas of the market.

One thing to note is that both 360 and F430 values were not really caught up in the recent boom in classic car prices and we believe that they will be continue to be resilient.  Last point to note is that everything seems to be price led right now and unless a buyer thinks they are getting a good deal then no interest is shown.  We had one of the best Maserati Granturismo GTS in the UK for sale and didn’t receive a single call on it until we dropped the price – then three serious enquiries followed which meant we could conclude the sale.  You only have to look at how long unrealistically priced cars are hanging around to know this is the case.

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