Ferrari 360 Market Watch (March 2018)

Little has changed in the Ferrari 360 market and prices are broadly unchanged.  The average asking price rose by 0.11% in the prior month, standing at a little over £77k.  Cars are changing hands though (we have bought and sold a few already this year) but it’s really only the better examples that are realistically priced that are going through.  I attended the first of the 2018 Silverstone auctions and both of the 360s there failed to meet the reserve.  They weren’t the best examples though which further reinforces my impression of the market.  However, the really nice cars at the auction were sought after and I was well out-bid on two I wanted to buy.

We are also seeing further softening of views in relation to mileage.  Of course, low mileage cars are always desirable but buyers are prioritising condition and history first and will often be willing to compromise on the odometer reading for a really good car.  However there are some hidden gems out there, including the 10k miles spider I serviced a few weeks ago which was as close to new condition as you’re ever going to find.  Sadly it’s not for sale.

I remain optimistic for 2018 and we are starting to see an increase in enquiries as the weather gets better.  If you’re looking to buy or sell a 360 then it’s worth dropping us a line as the majority of our transactions happen off market.

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