Ferrari 360 Market Watch (November 2017)

Apologies for the very late update.  Things have been very busy in the new workshop and this is the first moment I’ve had to pen this.  If you haven’t already seen it, please check out this video that was shot in my workshop by a client collecting his first Ferrari:

Ferrari 360 prices have actually firmed up a little since last month – the average asking price is back above £80k and the price index now stands at 161.47 (+1.55% MoM).  Don’t let this fool you though, the market is still tough for sellers but there are buyers out there.  We are acting for a number of clients right now looking for a range of 360s but we can afford to be picky and wait for the right car and deal to come along.

I should also mention that the UK saw the first interest rate rise in over ten years.  Although it’s early and rates haven’t increased markedly, the low interest rate environment has fueled interest in alternative investment markets, including luxury cars.  Although interest rates could be inversely proportional to supercar prices, a high interest rate environment is usually accompanied by strong economic growth which should be good for values.

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