Ferrari 360 Market Watch (February 2016)

This month’s headline is that average 360 prices has fallen by 0.75% over the last month. The price index now stands at 157.73.


Index Feb16

This apparent slight retrenchment in prices is not what it seems.  The average price has fallen because the two cars at Hexagon have sold (for full asking according to my sources).  The exclusion of two of the more expensive cars from the population has caused the mean to fall but this is not what should be taken away.  The more important fact is that the market is prepared to pay over £100k for a Ferrari 360.  When the Heaxgon cars came onto the market I never thought they’d sell at these levels but now I wouldn’t be surprised at anything.  If you are sitting on a low mileage manual 360 then well done – if I were in that position I’d seriously be thinking about cashing out and getting into something else.

Here’s the pie chart showing which price brackets cars have recently sold.  Half the cars were priced at over £70k…

Ferrari 360 sold in the month prior to 01-Feb-16

How the population of cars has changed:

MoM Change Summary Feb16

Here’s the big table.  Note that the “other” coloured car is actually listed as orange.  Sadly, there are no photos.

Main Table Feb16

Here’s the price/mileage data:

Scatter Plot

TV Price Feb16

The interest in manual cars continues to increase and is now being felt in the F430 market to a greater degree (as there are fewer cars).  The premium for a manual 360 is now about £20k.

F1 vs Manual

Two Factor Table Feb16

Here’s the big table showing which cars are in and out of the data set:

MoM Change Feb16

That’s it for this month – please do get in touch if you think I can assist with anything.

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4 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Market Watch (February 2016)

  1. I see F430 prices in the coming years going higher due to the end of normally aspirated engines and non DSG transmissions.

  2. White lies, black lies and statistics! The headline index has gone down but clearly a well looked after,well spec’d and low mileage manual car is now approaching £100k in value. Hard to justify as a buyer but nonetheless thats where they appear to be!

  3. Even more tempted to convert to manual!!! I prefer the more involved drive and there is nothing to loose financially, mmmm sooo tempting.

  4. With the market values so high, it does make me worried about taking the old girl out and driving it for fear of affecting its value. Mine is a modena, manual with less than 10k. Takes the fun out of ownership a bit.

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