Ferrari 360 & F430 Brake Pads

I’m often asked what is the best pad for a 360 or steel braked F430.  The answer is always dependent on two further questions – how hard are you as a driver on the brakes and how much are you willing to compromise on noise?

The OEM pads are good for fast road use but really don’t stack up that well on track.  Heavy users will benefit from a harder pad and I have had good results using racing pads from Pagid and EBC.  However, this additional performance comes at a price – they are certain to squeal at low speeds.  No matter how much the caliper is cleaned, how much copper grease is applied to the back of the pad or what type of anti squeal pad is used – they always become noisy in the end.

Living in central London I know a lot of cars that are used in our slow moving traffic.  For many of these owners they cannot stand the squealing when braking at low speeds and are unwilling to compromise on noise from the brakes.  The only pads that I can guarantee that will not squeal are the OEM pads.  They are made by Brembo (who also make the discs and calipers) and can be bought outside of the Ferrari network – the Brembo part number is 07.B314.03.  However, I’ve never really had any success with these “grey market” pads.  To be 100% sure of quiet operation pay the extra and get the pads from Ferrari.  The Brembo part numbers for these sets are below but they can only be bought from the official network.

  • Front: 207.6973.30 (Ferrari p/n 070000935)
  • Rear: 107.6973.30 (Ferrari p/n 070000936)

I recently had a set of OEM and “grey market” pads side by side so thought I would take a few comparison photos.  Here are the two kits side by side – note that both boxes were Brembo branded.


The first thing to note is that the OEM kit comes with new springs, pins and wear sensors.  Both sets of pads were tapered on the leading edge of the friction material but the OEM pads didn’t have a groove in the middle.

Both were the exact same dimensions with the OEM pads having a slot for the wear sensor:


The OEM pads had anti-squeal shims pre-fitted:


Finally, the OEM pads come with four little tubes of copper coloured grease.  This isn’t normal copper grease but a very viscous grease that stays applied to the back of the pad.


It’s not often that I advocate buying genuine parts when aftermarket solutions are available but if you want silent brakes then my advice is to pony up the extra cash and buy your pads from Ferrari…

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3 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 & F430 Brake Pads

  1. Hi Aldous – have installed EBC yellowstuff pads on the rear of my 360 (with new discs) based on your other blog article. Initially got some squealing but after bedding them in they’ve been silent since. Planning on replacing the front OEM pads with yellowstuff down the line. Any issues or squealing with yellowstuff been encountered?

  2. Hi Aldous,

    I just found this page on a google search for the Brembo Sport part number.
    I fitted them on the front of my 360 a couple of years back and they have been fine with low dust so was looking for a set to go with some new rear discs I’m about to fit.
    No noise but no track work either, so no heavy use experience.

    The ones I bought are different to the ones in your picture. They had a black squeal pad fitted, a Brembo logo on the rear and a wear sensor cast into the friction material (rather than a separate one as per OEM).
    Could those grey market ones in your pic be fake? They look like the £30 Jag XK ones with a silver painted backing.


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