Ferrari 360 Market Watch (Apr14)

A brief update this month as I’m very busy working on my new F430.  Before I get into this months data I’d like to point readers to my Buying Guide – it is a work in progress and would I appreciate any feedback.

Average 360 asking prices have dropped a touch from last month – the Price Index has fallen 0.31% and now stands at 102.21.

Aldous Voice 160 Price Index
Aldous Voice 360 Price Index

There has been a flood of new cars to the market – the number advertised on the Pistonheads website is 67, an increase of 12 from this time last month.  Activity is buoyed in top end of the market with 20 cars now for sale with an asking price of £55k or more (from 16 in March).

Here is the data cut up by the usual factors:

Ferrari 360 Asking Prices
Ferrari 360 Asking Prices

Here’s the chart of mileage plotted against asking prices:

Asking Price vs Mileage
Asking Price vs Mileage

And here are the computed average asking prices:

Theoretical Asking Prices
Theoretical Asking Prices

Finally, the median mileage hasn’t moved.

Median Mileage
Median Mileage

That’s it for now, please get in touch if you need any more info.  If you are looking at a particular car then I will be happy to pull out the data I hold on it for you – just drop me a line.

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