Goodbye old friend

It is with a small tinge of sadness that I write this post as today the Bianco Fuji Spider rolled out of my garage for the last time.  Since I am now the owner of an F430 it didn’t really make sense to hold onto the 360.  The good news is that I have sold it to someone who has committed to putting it back on the road.  The purchaser has told me that they intend to document the restoration on the usual Ferrari forums so keep an eye out for what will be an epic project.

My daughter insisted on saying goodbye to the car:


Even in a sorry state the car looked fantastic in the daylight:


The last I saw of the car…


However, the new owner hasn’t been messing around and I came home to a few pictures of the strip down and inspection (apologies for the rotated picture but I couldn’t figure out how to fix it).


2 thoughts on “Goodbye old friend

  1. I’m glad to see that she seems to have gone off to a good home.

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