Ferrari CCM Brake Pads

I had a Scuderia in the other day for a brake overhaul.  The front caliper pistons were sticking which meant all the braking was being done on just one pad.  When I stripped everything down ready for the rebuild there was a surprise in store – the pad was so worn that it was down to the brass studs.

The disc was toast from the uneven braking but close inspection revealed traces of brass in the disc (it is hard to see in this picture).

I’ve always known that these studs are present but have never seen them from pad wear.  I thought it would be interesting to measure the depth they were visible at…

This is where the surprise occurred – the pad was at a thickness of 5.3mm.  The other pads (which were not showing the studs) were at 7mm.

To put this into context, a new pad is 10mm thick.  This means that the studs will be eating away at the (very expensive) disc when the pads are less than 50% worn.  The icing on the cake is that the wear indicator is 4.7mm thick.  This means that if the brake pad warning light appears on the dash then it’s too late and the discs will likely be damaged.

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