Improving the provenance of your Ferrari

Before I begin this post, I’d like to extend my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery to the Ferrari Academy/Marussia F1 driver Jules Bianchi.  As I watched the events unfold on the TV three days ago it brought back the same terrible feelings I had twenty years previously watching the San Marino GP.  Thankfully Jules survived the crash and I know everyone is hoping he’ll pull through.

The provenance of a supercar can make or break its worth.  In this post I am going to show you three tips on how to increase the provenance of your car and hopefully add some value at the same time.  The first tip is around obtaining the build spec of a Ferrari.  In the past I would ask one of my contacts at a main dealer to print the spec off MODIS and send it to me via email.  Now, owners can sign up at and register their vehicles.  A lady called Silvia from the factory will email you and ask for a copy of your registration document.  This can be emailed or faxed to Maranello and, once they verify the details, the car will be added to your profile on the website.

The amount of information available varies according to the year of manufacture but at the least you should be able to view your build specification and print it off for your files (click the picture for a bigger view).


Depending on whether your car has been recently inside the official network for a warranty or servicing, you may be able to see such details.  The services are only visible from mid 2008 when there was an upgrade to the Ferrari computer network (MODIS).



Clearly this service record isn’t a proper substitute for a fully documented history file but goes some way to building up a picture of the car’s life.

The next tip is for UK owners only.  Owners can write to the DVLA and, for a small fee (£5), ask them for a copy of every piece of documentation they hold on the car.  The form is called V888 – request by an individual for information about a vehicle.  In section 4 regarding what information is required put the following:

  • Details of prior keepers
  • Copies of prior V5 documents
  • Copies of prior MOT certificates
  • Details of number plate changes
  • Details of any colour changes

In section 5 regarding how the information is going to be used simply put “I own this special Ferrari and wish to compile a folder of its history for my own use”.  Enclose a cheque and wait.

The wait some more (remember this is a DVLA).  Then, once the request has been forgotten about, a thick letter should drop though the letterbox.  The first page contains the general details that are held on the car.


Next all the previous keepers are listed, together with the addresses.


I also received a copy of pretty much every V5 when there was a change of keeper.


Copies of the documentation relating to number plate changes were also provided.


Finally, the documents relating to the first registration were included.  All in I received nearly 30 pages, which will go a long way to bolstering the history of my car.

The final tip is also for UK owners.  VOSA hold central records of MOTs dating from 2008 which are able to be accessed from their website.  Simpy enter the registration number together with the document reference number from your V5 and you will be presented with a record of all the MOTs they have on file.  Details include the dates, mileages, testing station and any advisories (including the actual items advised on).  If you do not have copies of past MOT certificates then it is definitely worth printing off for your file.

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7 thoughts on “Improving the provenance of your Ferrari

  1. Morning Aldous!

    Thanks for this informative item!

    I wondered if you could be more specific about the to register our cars. I have a good look but can’t find a relevant page – sorry!

    Hope this finds you well!



    1. The first page of the link should take you to the country selector (I use UK). Then click on “GT & Sports cars” on the left hand menu. This opens a new window – click on “Register” on the top right corner. There are two choices, Guest Registration and Owner Registration. Choose the latter. You will need your registration doc to hand.

  2. Aldous
    I did register my car at However they had all the wrong information — wrong exterior and interior colors, wrong options. I was very surprised. I did email them and sent the correct information and a copy of the build sheet from MODIS. Still there is no service information even though my vehicle has been to the dealer five times in the last year.
    Informative article though.

      1. Very odd as you would think that Ferrari would have access to MODIS. There is no other information other than the car colors and options.

  3. Aldous,

    I have read all of your posts since becoming interested in Ferraris and buying a 360 Spider a bit more than a year ago. The idea of registering my 2004 really interested me, so I went to the Ferrari website. It is very attractive and full of useful information, but I could not find any place on the website that addressed in any way the registration of Ferraris. I am in Southeastern Wisconsin, USA, if that makes a difference. Help me, please. I would love to get an email from Silvia! Thanks for assistance.

    Bobby Blondis

    1. The first page of the link should take you to the country selector (I use UK but I guess you’ll be USA). Then click on “GT & Sports cars” on the left hand menu. This opens a new window – click on “Register” on the top right corner. There are two choices, Guest Registration and Owner Registration. Choose the latter. You will need your registration doc to hand.

      Once you have clicked on “Register as an Owner” you’ll be asked if you have a PIN. You don’t, so click on the option to register without. I believe during this process they will ask about your car.

      Otherwise, one you have logged into “My Ferrari” you can easily add a car.

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