Ferrari 360 & F430 Front Anti Roll Bar Bushes and Droplinks

The 360 and F430 share the same front anti roll bar (ARB) setup.  This post will guide you through the procedure to replace the rubber bushes that hold the ARB to the chassis and the drop links that connect the ARB to the wishbone.

Firstly, raise the front end of the car so both wheels are off the ground.  If you don’t have both wheels off the ground then there will be tension in the ARB and it will be a struggle to replace the parts.  Remove the road wheels.

The ARB droplink needs to be removed next.  Using a 17mm spanner, unwind one end at a time.  If the shock absorber bolt starts to move it can be held with another spanner.


Here’s the old and new parts side by side.  My main reason for this work was to change the bushes but the droplinks are inexpensive and it would be churlish not to change them at the same time.

Buy new serrated washers
Buy new serrated washers

Now it’s time to turn your attention to the bush.  Undo the mount, it is held to the chassis with two M8 bolts.

Use a 13mm socket
Use a 13mm socket

The rubber bush will be held tight in the mount – you need to pull the mount off the bush and then slide the bush off the bar.

Don't forget to clean the mount up
Don’t forget to clean the mount up

The bush can then be taken off the bar – it has a split in it to allow this.  Here are the old and new parts side by side:

Well worn out after just 26,000 miles
Well worn out after just 26,000 miles

The new bush can then be fitted to the bar.  Lubricate both the inside and outside with something suitable like red rubber grease.

New bush in place
New bush in place

The mount can then be put back over the bush and bolted back to the chassis.

Torque to 25Nm
Torque to 25 Nm

Once the mount is re-attached to the chassis the new droplink can now be fitted.  The workshop manual calls for 50 Nm but I’ve got no idea how you’d use a torque wrench on it.  I just did it up tightly.

Don't forget the serrated wahsers
Don’t forget the serrated washers

I like to put an indicator on things I have done up and use a product called Torque Seal.  You squeeze some across the nut/bolt and the thing you are fixing to.  It dries solid and if the fastener moves it cracks and provides a visual indication.

Torque Seal "Anti-Sabotage Lacquer"
Torque Seal “Anti-Sabotage Lacquer”

And here’s a picture of it in place:

Nothing has moved yet
Nothing has moved yet

All that’s left is to repeat for the other side and to re-fit the road wheels.  This whole job can be done in less than an hour.

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10 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 & F430 Front Anti Roll Bar Bushes and Droplinks

  1. For the life of me, I can not get these darn drop links off….How are you doing it?

    1. There are little flats on the threaded bar coming out of the drop link. The bar turns inside the joint when you use a spanner on the flats and unwinds out of the part it is bolted to.

  2. Thanks Aldous. I finally figured it out last night. Is the Rear Anti Roll bar the same procedure? I’m replacing mine with one from a CS.

    1. The drop links are pretty much the same. The ARB itself needs to be split so it can be removed. On the LHS the arm of the ARB can be unbolted. That will allow it to be slid out from the other side. I would replace the bushes whilst you are there

  3. I will be attempting this project on my 430 when the parts arrive. What are the torque numbers to button it back up?

  4. Do you have any tips for separating the bush from the mount? It’s really jammed in there. I managed to free up one side and replace but it took me ages to separate the two. I ran out of time so didn’t complete the other side. Looking for some tips before attempting it, otherwise back to brute force to slowly wiggle it free.

      1. The other side came off much easier. I wiggled the mount and bush around the curve of the rollbar. The bush should then separate enough to get the blade of a screw driver into the lip. Just keep spinning the mount/bush and prising around the lip. I used a stubby screwdriver. Once the gap between the mount and the bush is wide enough, you can fit the shaft of the screwdriver and use it to wedge the bush out. Just keep turning the mount and prising around the edge and the bush should slide free.

  5. Can you recommend where to buy the parts or aftermarket parts.
    Thanks Eddie Dessau

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