Ferrari 360 Market Watch (Feb14)

A very brief update this month as very little seems to have happened in the UK market.  Average asking prices have softened an insignificant 0.06% which leaves the price index at 101.93 (vs 101.99 in Jan).  I can’t say that I’m surprised at this time of the year has got to be the quietest for buying and selling cars.  Having said that the number of cars advertised (on Pistonheads) has shot up from 32 in Januray to 51 this month.  The top end of the market seems to be well supported with the £65k red manual spider at Meridian dropping out only to be replaced with a few more cars at this level.

Here is the main table of the data cut up in the usual way:


Here is the chart of price vs mileage:


On the subject of mileage, the red Modena with 64k miles at Autofficina (£41k) has gone from the listings only to be replaced by a Spider with 60k miles (Private sale, £40k).

Here’s the table of theoretical asking prices:


The median mileage of cars for sale remains the same at 23,000:


That’s it for now, please get in touch if you need any more info.

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