Ferrari 360 Market Watch (Dec13)

First of all I must apologise for not posting this sooner.  Although I extracted the data on the 1st December, I have been busy finishing off an extension to my house after promising my family we’d be in for Christmas.

Before the data, a few links.  I have threads running on Pistonheads for both F430 prices and 458 prices.  This month I also provided data to a fellow enthusiast on FF prices so if you have any interest in those please contact me.

The headline AV360PI has increased 0.26% MoM and now stands at 97.73 – asking prices have increased a touch in all areas of the market with the number of cars for sale being pretty much the same as November.  This is quite a surprise as prices tend to soften in the winter months.  It will be very interesting to see what happens in the new year.

Here’s the table of the data cut in the usual way:


And here’s the main chart of asking price vs mileage:


Theoretical asking price vs mileage:


I was alerted to a car coming on the market part the way through November – a 2005 Spider, one owner and only 75 miles on the clock with an eye watering £84.5k asking price (through Graypaul Nottingham).  I assumed that this car would be for sale for a while and we’d start to see it in the data.  However, it seems that the car is either sold or has been withdrawn from the market as the advert is no longer running.  My initial thoughts were somewhat incredulous – who buys a mass produced car like the 360 and sits on it for the best part of ten years?  If it has been sold who on earth has bought it?  As much as I love the 360 it is never going to be classic appreciating Ferrari.  If I had £85k to buy a car I wouldn’t buy a 360!

However, it’s worth taking a look at the top end of the 360 market.  I have filtered the data for cars priced over £60k and sorted them so each car has an entry for every month it has appeared in the data.  The red 2003 Spider has been for sale for as long as I have been collecting the data but the silver 2004 Spider dropped out this month and there are two Spiders that were only up for sale long enough to make it into September’s figures.  This tells me that there the top end of the 360 market is moving and people are prepared to pay up for prime examples.  Good news for owners as this activity can only be good for holding prices up.


That’s it for this month – please get in touch if you have any questions.

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