Back in the game!

I closed the deal on a new car last weekend and paid for it today.  Despite promising myself another 360 I was offered an F430 at a price I couldn’t refuse.  I’m picking the new car up this Saturday and am really looking forward to the 250 mile journey home.
The car is an early model with steel brakes.  It was nicely spec’d at purchase with the F1 box, yellow calipers, carbon interior pack, leather headliner and rear bench, electric seats and shields. 
I have quite a few tasty upgrades that I had ready for the next 360 – some of these will be sold (check out the “For Sale” section on the Club Scuderia website) and some will be put onto the new car.  I will of course be writing all about it so watch this space.
Finally, I have decided to sell the Bianco Fuji 360.  I am hoping it will go to someone who will put her back on the road.  If you fancy a challenge then get in touch!

11 thoughts on “Back in the game!

  1. Hi Mate

    I am interested in the 360, what would you want for it? I’m only in Medway so could have a look any time.



  2. Very nice! You didn’t get it from Hamilton gray’s did you as I saw a similar one outside there a few weeks ago.

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  3. Congratulations on the new car Aldous, enjoy it. Best regards, Nigel

  4. Fantastic Voicey, looking forward to your 430 posts 🙂

  5. Hi Aldous,

    Congrats on your f430 purchase.

    Quick question can’t remember if you posted the differences. I have fitted 19 CS wheels they are much heavier than stock.

    How much difference was the 18 360 challenge wheels in terms of feedback, response And handling?

    I can easily trade my wheels with cash on top for a set of 18’s and have more options in regards to tyres.

    Just curious as to your thoughts. Only reason for 19’s is for the look and big brakes which i don’t think I will be committing the $$$ to anyway.


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  6. Sorry Aldous I found your post comparing the wheels, very helpful.

    My car is a spider and is otherwise stock it looks abit funny with the 19 and no lowering or stradale body pieces.

    If I install the giro disc 2 piece rotors I save 8 kilos of unsprung mass, which makes up for most of the 8.6 kilos of weight gained from the 19’s. But if I swap for the 18 inch challenge wheels and fit the giro disc rotors and ti wheel bolts I’m in for big weight savings.

    My main aim is to get more braking without spending up big and improving the handling. I have fitted performance friction pads, endless fluid. Will change the stock original rotors with possibly the giro disc and fit braided lines, hopefully that will give it more bite.

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  7. I’m happy for you and looking forward to the new F430 additions on your site. Ironic, we almost did the same with a ’07 model but “settled” on the 360 due to long-term TCO. A lot of sites speak to a lower cost of ownership solely because of the chain/belt difference. We didn’t see it when you run the numbers and assuming you’ll track her like you did the 360, in time you’ll have a great comparison with facts.
    Great color and enjoy in good health!

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