Ferrari 360 LED Sidelight Replacement

The sidelights (or parking lights) are regular incandescent bulbs which look very yellow next to the HID main lights.

Ferrari 360 LED SidelightsThe good news is that replacement LED bulbs are easy to source and fit.  I have been using these bulbs in my cars for years now and they have never let me down: Autobulbs Direct

Ferrari 360 LED SidelightsAccess to the bulbs is from inside the wheel well.  Turn the wheel so it faces inside the car.  You will then be able to undo the two small screws that hold the access panel in place.

Ferrari 360 LED Sidelights

Reaching in you’ll be able to unclip the wire connector.  The bulb holder then twists to release.  Withdraw the holder and swap the bulbs over.  If the bulb doesn’t work first time around then you have probably fitted it the wrong way – they only work one way round, just turn it over.

Ferrari 360 LED Sidelights

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  1. Can you use standard led bulbs, or do you need the ‘intelligent’ canbus bulbs?

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