Ferrari 360 Headlight Removal

Taking the headlight out is a fairly easy, albeit lengthy, process as several items need to be removed for access.  First of all the front bumper needs to be off.  Next remove the two splash guards in the wheel well (the wheel will need to be off the car as well):

Ferrari 360 Headlight Removal


Next you’ll need to remove the two bolts holding the rear bracket in place (circled in red);

Ferrari 360 Headlight Removal


Access to the front one is tricky and requires a long, thin socket extension:

Ferrari 360 Headlight Removal


Next you’ll need to remove the bolt holding the side of the headlight in place.  This is accessed from behind a grommet in the front boot compartment (out of interest, the hex socket to the left of the bolt in the picture below is how the aim/level of the headlight is adjusted):

Ferrari 360 Headlight Removal

Finally, there are two bolts holding the front of the headlight to the radiator frame (the front bumper will need to be removed).  I have shown a picture of their holes with the headlight removed in order to best show their location:

Ferrari 360 Headlight Removal


Undo all the electrical connections and the headlight will then carefully withdraw from the car (through the wheel well).  If the car is fitted with OEM HID lights then the ballast units will need to be unbolted to give enough space.

If you want to split the headlight open I recommend you leave it in a warm place to soften the glue bonding the glass to the body of the light.

3 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Headlight Removal

  1. Hi Aldous, I’ve found your guides very useful, so thank-you for documenting them so well. A quick question on the ‘headlight removal’ for a Ferrari 360 – how do you actually remove the headlight once it is ‘free’? (i.e. all bots removed and gasket pulled out also) The reason I ask is that my headlight has a lip that makes it larger than the hole (about 5mm all round) preventing me from lifting the light up from the car. I’m guessing there is a knack to getting these out! Any help gratefully received. DHK

    1. Hi David,

      The headlight is best removed from the wheel well. If you have HID lights then it is easier to remove the ballast first.


  2. Hi Aldous – just read your reply – I did initially try removing the light through the wheel well late yesterday but the lights wouldn’t move backwards. After re-looking at the car this afternoon I spotted a long bolt (used to secure the plastic air ‘cowls’ around the radiators) was preventing the light from sliding back. Just undid the bolt a little and hey-presto – two lights in my hands. Thanks again. Rgds DHK

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