Ferrari 360 Rear Challenge Grill

A popular 360 upgrade is to fit a Challenge grill to the rear of the car.  Up until recently, the only option was to buy an official Ferrari item which are over £1k new and very rarely become available used.  However, these days make pattern grills for a fraction of the OEM price.

This post will run through the procedures to remove a rear grill – the same applies to removing a solid rear panel and, to coin a phrase, refitting is the reverse of removal.

The first step is to tape the top of the rear bumper to protect the paintwork:

Next, disconnect the wiring loom to the light units on both sides:

Undo the manual fuel flap release cable where it attaches to the light unit (10mm nut):

The grill is held on by twelve 10mm nuts, the positions are shown below. It is a simple matter of un-doing all of these and pulling the grill off.

Most of the nuts are easy to sort out. There are four that are a little tricky – it is easy to drop them into the undertray. To prevent this you can use a magnetic pickup tool to catch them. A bit of masking tape or a carrier bag at the opening would suffice though.

Whilst the grill is off it is good practice to change all the bulbs for new ones.

I also recommend changing the reversing light bulbs for LED units.  The bulbs sit very close to the lens and the heat from the incandescent bulb can melt the plastic.  Low power LED bulbs do not generate such heat.

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