Ferrari 360 Rear Bumper & Diffuser Removal

The removal of the rear bumper and diffuser provides great access to the engine bay.  It is essential for jobs like exhaust changes and suchlike.

This post will run through the procedures for taking the bumper off – refitting is the reverse of removal.

First step is to remove the rear grill (detailed in another post – link).

Next jack up the rear of the car and remove both wheels. Remove the rear arch liners by undoing the four Phillips screws.

This will give you access to the 13mm nuts that hold the edges of the bumper in place. Undo both sides and retain the plate and washers.

Undo the eight fixings holding the diffuser to the under tray (and loosen two fixings off)…

The bumper is now just held on with four 17mm nuts, two on each side. Undo these.

The bumper can now be slid rearwards until it comes free. Don’t forget to unclip the wiring for the number plate lights and put something on the ground to protect it.

The main fixings will have washers for correctly spacing the bumper – make sure you keep a note of what goes where (they can be fixed in place with masking tape).

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