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I spent a wet, but very enjoyable, day in December with Classic and Sports Car magazine.  They had decided to run a last minute feature and wanted to test an Audi R8 V8 against a Ferrari F430.  I was asked if they could use my car and, of course, I couldn’t say no.

The location was Longcross Studios, an ex-MOD test site.  The facility has a 2 mile banked circuit as well as a twisty “snake” course.  We didn’t have exclusive use of the track, nearby McLaren were road testing brand new 650s fresh off the production line.



There was even a monstrous assault vehicle being tested by the police, which we were under strict instructions not to photograph.


The day began with gathering the static photos needed for the article before the cars got dirty.




Once all the static photos were out of the way it was time to hit the track.  Knowing that it takes time to get to know a modern Ferrari, I threw the keys to editor James Page and told him to let it rip whilst we tried to get the motion shots.  This left me driving the camera car, a VW Passat, with the photographer hanging out of the boot.  I ended up doing more laps in the Passat than I did in my car!


Then it was onto the “snake” course to get the cornering shots.  Despite it being a great set of corners we drove the backwards and forwards around the same corner countless times.


Once all the photos were out of the way we had some time to play on the track before packing up and going home.  The magazine is out in the shops right now…



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4 thoughts on “Classic and Sports Car Magazine Article

  1. I’m looking forward to reading that article. I have a 2006 F430 spider and just acquired a 2011 Audi R8 V-10 spyder. Of course, winter in Chicago being what it is, I haven;t had a chance to drive the R8 much. Once my snow tires arrive, though, I look forward to some AWD fun.

  2. Bought the mag to read the article Aldous. Great piece. My spider is in its bubble for the Winter – roll on the Spring!


  3. Aldous
    I’ll have to make tracks to my local Barnes and Noble store to pick up a copy. I restored a 64 TR4 back in the 80s and Restoring Classic Cars featured an article I wrote on the restoration. I think they either went out of business or changed their name — you will probably know.

    1. That is an old magazine – haven’t seen that on the shelves since the 80’s! Sadly, car magazines over here have a very limited lifespan before they have to evolve or die – I suppose to reflect the changing tastes of a nation.

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