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I was corresponding with someone regarding windscreens the other day and thought it would be useful to note the info. There are a number of different windscreens fitted to the 360, of which we will go into a little detail.

The first thing to note is that the radio antenna is built into the screen. If you are experiencing poor radio reception then it is likely that the antenna has become disconnected. If you are lucky it will be where the cable joins the amplifier (as it is accessible from inside the car) however, if the cable has been detached from the antenna at the base of the windscreen then the only way to reconnect it is to remove the windscreen.

The antenna is sandwiched between the layers of glass and starts at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, protruding diagonally across the field of view approximately 1/3 the width of the glass. Even though the antenna cuts rights through the middle of the driver’s view in RHD cars it is too small to cause any issues. In fact I never even noticed mine until after 3 years of 360 ownership I needed a new windscreen!

The tracker antennas are also fitted into the base of the screen. In order to cut out the glass this antenna will also be cut so if you have a tracker and are getting a new windscreen you should ensure that the tracker antenna is also replaced.

The screens fitted to the Modena and Spider are completely different and are not interchangeable. The Spider has a much shorter screen – it is very noticeable if you sit in a Modena and then immediately into a Spider as the size of the view is much less. I have tried to demonstrate this in the following picture. I resized both side on views to the same scale and dropped a line down from where the top of the Modena screen ends – you will see that the Spider screen ends a couple of inches forward.

I know the front wheels don’t line up – it is the best I could do to illustrate the point!

The part number for the Modena windscreen is 63353800 and the Spider is 65782800, the latter being approximately 65% more expensive than the former. For those looking to reduce costs, Prosport in the UK make pattern/aftermarket windscreens for the Modena which are about 1/3 of the price.

Despite having the same body shell as the Modena, the Challenge Stradale has a different windscreen. It is rumoured to be lightweight but I am yet to come across someone who has weighed both of them. There are cosmetic differences though – the Modena has a blacked out area at the top of the glass, as shown in this picture of this replacement screen:


The Stradale has completely clear glass in that area, as shown by this press photo:


I must note that I have come across quite a few Stradale cars with the standard glass in them which isn’t too surprising since the part (67422900) costs another 80% on top of the Modena screen.

Lastly, there are the windscreens fitted to the Challenge cars (part number 65250800). These are lightweight racing screens and are not legal for road use (in the UK) and I wouldn’t want to guarantee the water-tightness!

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6 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Windscreen

  1. I am curious, would the antenna configuration be the same on an 07 f430 spider?
    The tracker antennas that you refer too, are they part of a factory recover system,
    or something else?

    1. Yes, the F430 radio antennas are the same.

      The tracker is the anti theft recovery system fitted at the factory.


  2. Thank you for the information, I suspected this, but your reaffirmation of this, helped a lot.

    Best regards;

  3. Hello Aldous,

    Excellent posts as always. I have an issue with a windscreen and am hoping you can guide in the proper direction.

    I received from Ferrparts a lower windscreen than the original on my customer´s F430.

    How can I confirm which version is each windscreen? To avoid confusion and order the correct item.

    Is there a measurements guide for the Ferrari windscreens where I can confirm the actual versions?

    Thank you in advance. Warm regards from Mexico City.

    1. Check the part number – 63353800 is for the coupe and 65782800 for the spider. The lower screen is for the spider.

      PS: these are UK part numbers so please double check for your region

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