Magnesium Wheels

Further to my post about the different wheels fitted to the 360 (link), I thought I’d expand on the topic of magnesium wheels.  The standard wheels fitted to the 355 are made from a magnesium alloy.  Although this means that they are very strong and light, the downside is that magnesium is hygroscopic – ie: it absorbs water.  If the coat of paint that protects the metal is compromised then water will enter the magnesium and eventually render the wheel useless.  Care also needs to be taken when refurbishing the wheels because if any moisture gets onto the raw metal prior to the paint being applied the wheels will, in time, become scrap.  Take a look at these pictures of a 355 wheel that wasn’t prepared properly before being painted.  This wheel is now finished as any paint applied will not adhere to the metal for any length of time.  It is very important that any damage to these wheels is remedied quickly…

Magnesium Alloy Wheels

Magnesium Alloy Wheels

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