Ferrari 360 F1 Pump Relay – Preventative Maintenance

The relay that controls the F1 pump in a 360 is a weak link in the system.  Over time the relay contacts can overheat as a result of arcing between the terminals and have been known to weld shut.  If they do weld shut then your F1 pump will run continuously and burn out.

The Challenge Stradale uses a 50A relay instead of the standard 30A but the pin configuration is different so upgrading is not possible without converting the socket as well.

It is worth replacing the relay periodically in order to help prevent damage to the F1 pump.  The part number is 155437 and it lists at aorund £35.  Fitting is very easy….

1. Isolate power using switch in bonnet.
2. Remove access panel behind drivers seat (RHD) – four screws.
3. Pull the old relay off and fit the new one in place (see pic below).
4. Screw the cover back on and restore power. Don’t forget to wait 10 seconds with the ignition before starting the engine and allow it to idle for enough time so the ECU can re-learn it’s settings.

Ferrari 360 F1 Pump Relay

And here’s why you should replace it.  First off a picture of the inside of a brand new relay:

Ferrari 360 F1 Pump Relay

And here’s a picture of an old relay with burnt contacts:

Ferrari 360 F1 Pump Relay

A closer look at those burnt terminals:

Ferrari 360 F1 Pump Relay


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4 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 F1 Pump Relay – Preventative Maintenance

  1. Thanks for this advice I just learnt something new again!
    According to the ebay seller the original relays are replaced every year by Ferrari service!?
    I typed “relay 155437” into eBay ( and the .com) and it gave me a silver grey Tyco relay with upgraded parts giving an improved 4 year life – would you agree that it would be OK to use?
    V Bests

    1. Hi Chris,

      I know of that eBay vendor, his name is Juri and he is known in the community. His relays are OK but he also sells a F1 bleeding “control box” which isn’t so good. By all means buy his relay – it is an improvement on the OEM unit.

      Ferrari themselves do not recommend replacing the relay at all, let alone annually. What he is saying is that there are many independent Ferrari mechanics (and people like myself) who recommend regular replacement.


  2. Do you think.if the relay can affect the F1 Transmission directly? E.g. The F1 Transmission will be failure once the reply is overheated. To be specificically, the gear will jump to “N” itself and not responding until the relay cool down.

    Thanks and regards

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