Ferrari 360 & F430 Shock Absorber Bush Replacement

The bush that connects the shock absorber to the lower wishbone takes a real battering.  I’m unsure as to the exact design the OEM bush is made to but I do know it wears out quickly.  Personally, I prefer to fit the aftermarket silent block bush sold by Superformance (link below).


Here’s a picture of a Superformance bush and a worn out OEM bush – can you tell which one is which?

Ferrari 360 Shock Absorber Bushes

The first thing to do is remove the shock absorber.  This is very easy as it is a coil over type and all the spring force is contained in the unit itself.

Start at the bottom – remove the drop link and the bolt holding the shock in place can be undone.  At the top there are two bolts holding the shock to the chassis.  Don’t forget to undo the actuator cable and support the hub.

Ferrari 360 F430 Shock Absorber

The bush is simply pressed into place.  Here you can see the bush being pressed out in a vice using a 22mm impact socket and an aluminium ring.

Ferrari 360 F430 Shock Absorber Bush Press

Once the bush is out inspect the inside of the shock – it should be immaculate.

Ferrari 360 F430 Shock Absorber

Refitting is the reverse of removal – ie: press the new bush into place.  The new bush will have a slight taper at one end to aid fitting.  Don’t worry if you press it too far and it can be moved back again.  Once the bush is in place the shock can be refitted to the car.

Ferrari 360 F430 Shock Absorber Bush

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  1. So I assume I will need 4 of these in total to change them all out. Is this correct? If so I’ll get on that thanks.

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