Ferrari 360 Interior Door Card Removal

There are a number of common issues that mean the door card needs to come off – window misalignment and faulty door locks being the most common.  The door card also needs to come out if you want to take the mirrors off properly or change the speakers.

First remove 9 allen/hex bolts holding the silver trim on and remove it from the door:

Next remove the top rubber trim. Prise off the two grommets on the end and slide the trim rearwards:

Next remove the arm rest cushion. Lift the rear end up and slide backwards to free the clip at the front:

Undo and free off the door release cable from the bracket by undoing the nut at the end:

Next, release the locking mechanism from the door. Be careful with the clip as it is fragile.

Next undo the screw holding the handle in:

Remove the screw holding the handle surround in place:

The surround will now wiggle free over the handle.

Next job is to release the door cable that where it joins the handle.

Remove the screw shown:

One more at the bottom:

The door card can now be removed by carefully lifting it up and backwards to release the clips at the top – they are metal so no worries about breaking them.

Re-fitting is pretty much the reverse but bear in mind a few notes…

* When hanging the card back on the door I found it was easier to position the top clips with the card slightly back. I then slid the card forwards into place once the clips were located.

* I put some Teflon lubricant down the door release cable as they can seize up.

*Take some time to make sure all the fittings are lined up before re-fitting the bolts – I managed to cross thread one and had to take it all apart again so I could use a tap and die to fix my fat fingers.

*The bolts holding the silver trim do get rounded off easily.  Replacements can be bought cheaply from eBay:  Ferrari Resources

9 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Interior Door Card Removal

  1. Can you advise me what a good lightweight seat is to replace my factory 1999 360 modena seats.
    My goal is to reduce my vehicles weight by 500 pounds.
    I want a pair of light racing but good looking seats….
    Anthony Alvarez

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Its a good question. The original Ferrari carbon sports seats are very good, if you can find them. In the UK the closest aftermarket seat to the OEM ones are Cobra Misano seats. I actually have a pair of these seats in storage somewhere!

      In the US I know that Vivid Racing do their own carbon seats that are very highly regarded.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Pretty good Aldous. The photos are a great add.
    Have you seen this done on a F430?
    My outside door handle is giving me grief so I want to remove the door card and investigate the operation. The F430 does not have the metal surround on the card. There appears to be screws in the front edge and underneath. I bet the door handle itself has a lot to do with holding this assembly in place. I am very concerned about damage to the leather. My car is close to perfect so I don’t want to stuff this up.
    Tezza. Brisbane. Australia.

    1. Procedure for F430 is as follows:

      1) Remove armrest (pulls out the same as a 360)
      2) Undo the two screws holding the top of the handle to the door (passenger side only)
      3) Undo the screw holding the bottom of the handle to the door (passenger side only)
      4) Undo and free off the door release cable from the bracket by undoing the nut at the end (as per 360)
      5) Undo the screw holding the door release lever (underneath the lever as per 360)
      6) Remove the screw holding the handle surround in place (underneath the little bit of trim inside the handle surround)
      7) Lift the handle surround out of the place
      8) Remove the final screw holding the handle in place (Passenger side only)
      9) Remove two screws on door trim edge by speaker (next to the wiring loom that connects the door to the car)
      10) Remove three screws underneath the door trim
      11) Pull the panel away from the door – it is held in place with plastic clips that may need to be removed. To withdraw it from the car you need to lift it off the top of the door as per the 360.

  3. Hello Aldous,
    how is it that your remove the clip on the door lock mechanism and also the yellow nut in the door handle?


  4. Hi Aldous
    You mention in the write up on removing the door card that this is also necessary (recommended) for removing a door mirror, I want to remove the external black surround as I want to repaint the black metal plate, I’ve been advised that this should be possible without removing the door card, is this possible or am I likely to break something.
    Many thanks

    1. To get the black surround off the mirror needs to be off. To get the mirror off you need the door card off – I don’t know how you’d access all the fasteners with the door card in place.

      Give it a try with the card in place – good luck!

  5. hi, Voicy,do you have a picture that shows what it looks like immediately after the door card was removed?

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